Welcome to the world of networking and design, where innovation meets connectivity! Are you ready to take your career to new heights? If so, then becoming an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate (HPE6-A66) might just be the perfect stepping stone for you. This blog post will guide you through all the essential information you need to know about this prestigious certification program. Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional looking to enhance your skills or a fresh graduate eager to make your mark in the industry, this certification can open doors and unlock exciting opportunities. So let’s dive in and discover what it takes to become an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate!

Overview of the Certification Program

The HP Aruba Certified Design Associate (HPE6-A66) certification program is designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their expertise in network design and configuration using Aruba products. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various topics related to wireless networking, including access points, controllers, and mobility infrastructure.

To become an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate, candidates must pass the HPE6-A66 exam. This exam tests their knowledge of designing small-to-medium-sized networks based on customer requirements and industry best practices. It also evaluates their ability to configure and validate these designs using Aruba solutions.

One of the key components of this certification program is hands-on experience with Aruba products. Candidates are encouraged to gain practical experience by working on real-world projects or taking advantage of virtual lab environments provided by HP.

By becoming an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate, professionals can enhance their career prospects in the field of wireless networking. This certification demonstrates their proficiency in designing secure and scalable networks that meet the needs of modern businesses.

In addition to boosting career opportunities, this certification also provides several benefits like increased credibility among peers and employers, access to exclusive resources and events organized by HP, as well as recognition for your expertise in wireless network design.

The HP Aruba Certified Design Associate program offers a valuable opportunity for individuals looking to establish themselves as experts in network design using Aruba products. With its comprehensive curriculum, hands-on experience requirement, and numerous benefits, this certification can help professionals take their careers to new heights in the field of wireless networking.

Benefits of Becoming an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate (HPE6-A66)

Becoming an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate comes with a plethora of benefits that can significantly boost your career in the IT industry. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages.

Obtaining this certification demonstrates to potential employers that you possess the knowledge and skills required to design secure and efficient network solutions using Aruba products. It serves as tangible proof of your expertise in designing WLANs, remote networking solutions, and campus LANs.

Moreover, being an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate opens up doors to various job opportunities. You may find yourself eligible for roles such as Network Engineer, Wireless Engineer, or Network Consultant. These positions often come with competitive salaries and attractive benefits packages.

Additionally, this certification allows you to join a community of professionals who share similar interests and goals. Networking events and forums provide opportunities for collaboration and learning from experienced individuals in the field.

Furthermore, staying up-to-date with technological advancements is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. By becoming certified as an HP Aruba Design Associate, you gain access to exclusive training resources that keep you informed about the latest trends and developments in network design.

Becoming an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate not only enhances your professional credibility but also expands your career prospects within the IT industry. So why wait? Start working towards this esteemed certification today!

Exam Format and Structure

The HP Aruba Certified Design Associate (HPE6-A66) exam is designed to assess your knowledge and skills in various areas related to network design. It consists of multiple-choice questions that cover topics such as infrastructure planning, security, mobility solutions, and more.

The exam is conducted online and can be taken at a time convenient for you. You will have a specified amount of time to complete the exam, so it’s important to manage your time effectively. The questions are presented one at a time, allowing you to focus on each question without feeling overwhelmed.

To pass the exam, you must achieve a minimum passing score set by HP Aruba. This ensures that only those who possess the necessary expertise in network design receive certification.

It’s worth noting that the exam format may vary slightly from one version to another. However, overall it aims to evaluate your understanding of key concepts and your ability to apply them in real-world scenarios.

Preparing for the exam requires thorough studying and practice with relevant study materials. Familiarize yourself with different network design scenarios and understand how different technologies work together within an enterprise environment.

By familiarizing yourself with the exam structure and content beforehand, you can better prepare yourself for success on test day. Remember to read each question carefully before selecting your answer and take advantage of any available resources or study guides provided by HP Aruba.

HP Aruba Certified Design Associate Exam has a clear format designed to assess your knowledge in various aspects of network design. By understanding this format beforehand and adequately preparing for it using recommended study materials, you can increase your chances of passing this important certification examination.

When it comes to preparing for the HP Aruba Certified Design Associate (HPE6-A66) exam, having the right study materials is crucial. These resources can help you gain a deep understanding of the concepts and skills needed to pass the exam with flying colors.

One highly recommended study material is the official HP Aruba Certification Study Guide. This comprehensive guide covers all of the topics that will be tested on the exam, providing in-depth explanations and real-world examples. It also includes practice questions and quizzes to test your knowledge along the way.

In addition to the study guide, there are other valuable resources available online. Websites like Exam-Labs offer free practice tests that simulate the actual exam experience. Taking these practice tests can help familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions you may encounter on test day.

Another useful resource is community forums and discussion groups dedicated to HP Aruba certification. These platforms allow you to connect with fellow candidates who are also preparing for the exam. You can ask questions, share insights, and learn from their experiences.

Don’t underestimate hands-on experience! If possible, try setting up a mock network environment using Aruba equipment or virtual labs. This practical approach will not only reinforce your theoretical knowledge but also give you a better grasp of how things work in real-world scenarios.

Remember that everyone’s learning style is different, so explore various study materials until you find what works best for you. The key is to stay consistent, focused, and determined throughout your preparation journey!

Utilizing recommended study materials such as official guides, online practice tests, community forums, and hands-on experience; you’ll be well-equipped for success in passing the HP Aruba Certified Design Associate exam! So get started today, and let your certification journey begin!

Tips for Passing the Exam

Preparing for the HP Aruba Certified Design Associate (HPE6-A66) exam can be a challenging task, but with the right tips and strategies, you can increase your chances of passing on your first attempt. Here are some valuable tips to help you succeed:

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Exam Objectives: Make sure you understand what topics will be covered in the exam. Reviewing the official exam blueprint will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

2. Create a Study Plan: Develop a study schedule that suits your needs and allows enough time for thorough preparation. Break down the topics into smaller sections and allocate specific time slots for each.

3. Utilize Available Resources: Take advantage of study materials such as books, online courses, practice exams, and community forums provided by HP Aruba or other reputable sources.

4. Hands-on Experience is Key: This certification focuses on real-world scenarios, so it’s essential to gain practical experience by setting up test environments or working on actual projects using Aruba technology.

5. Use Practice Exams Wisely: Practice exams are great tools to assess your knowledge gaps and familiarize yourself with the format of the actual test. However, don’t rely solely on them; use them as supplements to reinforce your learning.

6. Join Study Groups or Forums: Engage with others who are also preparing for this certification exam through online discussion groups or forums dedicated to HP Aruba certifications. Sharing experiences and insights can enhance your understanding of complex concepts.

7. Take Regular Breaks: Studying intensively without breaks can lead to burnout and decreased productivity. Take short breaks during study sessions to relax your mind and maintain focus when studying again.

Remember that success in any certification exam requires dedication, commitment, and hard work! By following these tips along with consistent effort in studying and hands-on practice, you’ll be well-prepared for success in becoming an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate!

Career Opportunities after Certification

Once you have successfully become an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate (HPE6-A66), a world of opportunities opens up in the field of network design and engineering. With this certification, you can work for various organizations ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations. The demand for skilled network professionals is on the rise, and being certified as an HP Aruba Design Associate puts you at the forefront of job opportunities.

One possible career path is becoming a Network Engineer or Architect. In this role, you will be responsible for designing and implementing complex network solutions using Aruba technologies. You will collaborate with other IT professionals to ensure optimal performance and security of networks.

Another option is working as a Network Consultant. As a consultant, your expertise in network design will be sought after by companies looking to improve their existing infrastructure or implement new networking solutions. You may also provide guidance on selecting appropriate hardware and software components.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, becoming a Systems Administrator could be an ideal choice. In this role, you will manage and maintain computer systems within an organization’s network infrastructure. Your knowledge of Aruba technologies will enable you to troubleshoot issues effectively and ensure smooth operations.

For those interested in teaching others about networking concepts, becoming a Trainer or Instructor is another possibility. With your certification as an HP Aruba Design Associate, you can lead training sessions or conduct workshops to educate individuals on best practices for designing efficient networks.

Furthermore, there are opportunities for advancement within organizations once you have gained experience as an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate. You may progress into roles such as Senior Network Engineer or Solutions Architect where your knowledge and skills are further utilized in larger-scale projects.

Obtaining the HP Aruba Certified Design Associate certification opens up numerous career paths in the field of network design and engineering. Whether it’s working directly with clients as a consultant or managing internal systems as a Systems Administrator – there are plenty of exciting opportunities waiting for you. So, take the leap and embark on a rewarding career journey.

Unlocking Networking Opportunities with an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate Certification

HP Aruba Certified Design Associate certification provides professionals with the necessary skills and expertise to unlock a plethora of networking opportunities. With this esteemed credential, individuals gain a deep understanding of network design principles, enabling them to architect reliable and efficient networks that meet the evolving demands of modern businesses.

The HP Aruba Certified Design Associate is equipped with the knowledge required to create robust wired and wireless infrastructures that seamlessly integrate various technologies. This certification empowers professionals to proactively identify potential bottlenecks or security vulnerabilities within networks while providing strategic solutions that enhance performance and maximize efficiency.

By successfully completing the HP Aruba Certified Design Associate program, individuals join an elite group of industry experts who possess an unmatched proficiency in designing cutting-edge network solutions for organizations across diverse sectors. Whether it’s building scalable networks for enterprises or implementing secure wireless connectivity in educational institutions, these certified professionals are at the forefront of transforming how businesses connect and collaborate.


Becoming an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate (HPE6-A66) is a significant achievement for anyone interested in advancing their career in network design and administration. The certification program offers comprehensive training and knowledge validation, ensuring that professionals are equipped with the skills needed to excel in this field.

By earning this certification, individuals gain recognition from industry experts and employers alike. They become part of a select group of professionals who have demonstrated proficiency in designing secure and efficient networks using Aruba technology.

The HP Aruba Certified Design Associate exam is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. With proper preparation using recommended study materials and following the tips provided, candidates can increase their chances of success.

Once certified, individuals open doors to exciting career opportunities in various industries such as IT consulting firms, telecommunications companies, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and more. They can work on designing complex networks or even play a crucial role in implementing advanced wireless solutions.

Obtaining an HP Aruba Certified Design Associate certification not only enhances your professional credibility but also equips you with the skills necessary to thrive in today’s highly connected world. So why wait? Take the first step towards unlocking new possibilities by embarking on this certification journey today!

Sample Questions & Answer – HP Aruba Certified Design Associate (HPE6-A66) Exam

Question: When designing a WLAN to accommodate nomadic devices, what should a network architect primarily consider?
A. User demographics
B. User density at each location
C. Mobility needs and usage patterns
D. User concentration
Answer: C

Question: What are two difficulties associated with integrating 802.1ig barcode scanners into a WLAN design? (Choose two.)
A. Handover between access points
B. Interference from other RF devices
C. Analysis of RF channel bandwidth usage per scanner
D. Implementation of security measures for PCI compliance
E. Ensuring consistent performance across all available channels
Answer: D, E

Question: In creating a wireless solution for a client needing coverage across two buildings on the same campus, what Aruba solution would be both cost-effective and meet the requirements?
A. Deploying an IAP cluster on each floor
B. Installing a standalone 7008 controller on each floor
C. Utilizing two 7205 mobility controllers in a cluster
D. Implementing two 7030 mobility controllers in a cluster
Answer: A

Question: How can you assign a device to a Design Group in IRIS?
A. Right-click on the device and choose Set Layer Membership
B. Right-click on the device and choose Set Design Group
C. Drag and drop the device into the Site
D. Drag and drop the device into the Design Group
Answer: D

Question: What type of survey should a network architect conduct to address a company’s concerns about complete Wi-Fi coverage and identifying RF hazards in a multi-floor downtown office building?
A. Active survey
B. Virtual survey
C. Passive survey
D. Spectrum clearing survey
Answer: A

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